Benefits of Hypnotherapy

The long term benefits of Hypnotherapy on the mind, body and soul.

My life experiences as well as my professional experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner have provided me lots of physical evidence of how very powerful our mind really is, and how our thoughts contribute in both a beneficial and detrimental way to our health and wellbeing.

A client comes to see me, because they are out of rapport with themselves.

Stuck in memories of the past, causing stagnation in their present.

I believe that “What the mind suppresses the body expresses”

I have found that many clients although trying to move on with their lives on some level are unable to get very far before some life trauma catapults them into a state of depression, with low self-esteem issues and then a whole load of symptoms begin to emerge, such as insomnia, IBS, headaches, fatigue, aches and pains (for no apparent reason), stress, mental breakdown, leaving the client feeling confused, disorientated and stuck.

Old patterns of behaviour repeating, causing the same old problems in their lives, and when they were in the depth of this, inspirational words did very little to uplift their flagging spirits.

They choose to seek medical advice first, and more often than not were given a drug to take away the symptoms, to help them get through the difficult time. This usually worked for a short while, some clients did feel better and managed to get on with their lives again, but the majority of them were not that strong and it just took the smallest of life events to happen and the cycle began all over again. Round and round they went on this cycle of destruction, the drugs got stronger and instead of the person becoming stronger, they became more vulnerable, and became reliant on the medication, just to keep them functioning robotically, to get through the days and nights.

This is called existing, not my idea of living.

The effects of medication in a lot of cases produced more symptoms, which in turn need even more medication.

By using hypnotherapy and NLP techniques we can harness the energy that your thoughts are creating and utilise them in a more productive way, that benefits your life balance, enabling you to access many resources you already posses at an unconscious level, to have a more productive happy life.

Unlike many other therapies, this therapy does not need to know the intimate details of what has gone on in your life which manifested the issue (presenting problem) you have.

We do not focus on what you do not want, unresolved issues, past hang ups, unrequited love, etc. The aim is always to achieve what it is you do want, using the power of your mind to create a more positive now.

Now is all we have, tomorrow is promised to no one.

Hypnotherapy is a non-intrusive therapy, like having a non-surgical face lift, it uplifts your thought patterns without the need for an operation.

Snapping you out of the trance you are already in and leaving you feeling much more comfortable about the unique individual you are.