What is Reiki?

The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words REI which mean Gods wisdom or a higher power and KI which means universal life force energy. So primarily Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki is a method of hands-on healing, which originated in Japan and was founded by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui.

Reiki energy is the healing energy of the universe; it is transferred from practitioner to client, A qualified Reiki practitioner will have been given the ability by a series of attunements by a Reiki Master Teacher. This allows them to pass on Reiki energy and healing to others.

The founder of Reiki.

Mikao Usui was a Japanese Buddhist. Brought up with quite a privileged background, he was well educated and very intelligent, from what we know, he had many interests, he spoke many languages and was well versed in medicine, theology, and philosophy, seemingly he was also very well versed in other subjects such as divination and Buddhist and Christian scriptures. He was very interested in meditation and spent a lot of time and money pursuing his spiritual path, eventually becoming a highly respected and learned Buddhist Teacher, he was quite forward thinking and was fascinated with the new science coming from the west, However, his focus was mainly on healing.

One day in around 1920 Mikao Usui decided to commence on an intense meditation retreat on Mount Kurama; we don’t know how long he was there, some accounts suggest around 21 days.

It was during this time he experienced some kind of spiritual awakening and formulated a system of self-enlightenment called Reiki. For around seven years Mikao opened his home to many and gave healing when he finally perfected the system, he eventually passed the knowledge on to others by way of attunements.

How does Reiki differ from other energy healing methods?


As previously mentioned Reiki is activated by a series of attunements, which activate a persons healing ability, by channeling universal energy through the practitioner, who is also privy to a number of special Japanese symbols which serve to enhance various aspects of Reiki.

So although Reiki is a skill that most people can learn and there is a certain amount of theory and science involved, it is primarily a technique that is passed on from Master to student, it is therefore very important for anyone wishing to learn Reiki, to find the right Teacher, although there are a number of people advertising online courses, you really cannot receive an attunements this way!

Does Reiki work for everyone?

Yes. Reiki is always beneficial; it is an intelligent form of healing which will go where it is needed, provided the treatment is given by a properly qualified practitioner, Reiki will have some effect on the client.

Often sceptics will be ‘heavily armoured’ or ‘emotionally closed’ therefore they may need a few sessions to release the tensions that may be holding them back.

Reiki although spiritual is not a religion, it has no dogma and there is nothing you need to believe in, to benefit from Reiki. It is available to everyone.

What does a Reiki treatment involve?


A reiki treatment feels like a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing treat for the mind, body and spirit; Reiki treats the whole person including physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. The benefits are many and differ from person to person, but include relaxation, feelings of peace, security and wellbeing, in-fact many have reported miraculous results. It also works well alongside other medical and therapeutic techniques, to relieve side effects and promote recovery, often clients use Reiki before or after surgery or chemo.

So……The client will firstly have a brief consultation with the practitioner, then will be asked to lie on a bed fully clothed, usually in a peaceful environment with relaxing background music, and covered with a blanket. The practitioner will then ask you to close your eyes and relax, they may scan your body with their hands just above you or use a pendulum to determine how your chakras are performing, they will then explain the hand positions and so it begins!

The client will very soon enter a state of deep relaxation; the experience differs from person to person, you may see colours, you may have some kind of spiritual experience, you may feel a change in temperature or feel tingling, you may fall asleep! All is normal.

At the end of a treatment you will be gently brought back and grounded and given some water, The practitioner will then discuss any findings or feelings and you will be given the chance to ask questions.

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