Hypnotherapy for Relaxation

Hypnotherapy Relieves the symptoms of stress we may experience in today’s busy lifestyle.

The digital age was supposed to make our lives easier.

Time is so precious and our daily routines seem to get more complicated.

Having to multi-task puts us under so much pressure, thus reducing the quality of our work and home time.

We can struggle to find the time to relax and when we do eventually sit down for that well-deserved rest, we find it increasingly difficult to switch off our busy minds.

Here at our Therapy Centre, we offer a variety of relaxation techniques such as self-hypnosis, visualisation and breathing, to help you find that place of grace, where you can become calm and centred, switch off from the outside world, and learn how to relax.

Giving ourselves permission for time out, is something we very rarely do as there are always jobs to be done, a phrase I hear a lot is:-

“There are not enough hours in the day.”

The trouble is we get comfortable with the discomfort and the stress levels just keep increasing as our bodies are desperately trying to get our attention and slow us down, so vital healing can take place.

Illnesses can develop as a result of running our lives at a 100 miles an hour so it is vitally important to recognise and acknowledge our fatigue and lack of zest, take action before it is too late.

Come on, give yourself a break, is this, what living is all about, I don’t think so.

Did you know?

In this relaxed state known commonly as a trance, the subconscious mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions, accepting instructions to promote positive change.

Improved sleep is also a common benefit of practising self-hypnosis regularly.

Many of my clients tell me that they’ve never felt as profoundly relaxed as when they’ve been hypnotised and the benefits last long after the session is over.

Clients have also claimed to be more focused, relaxed and able to make better decisions in their lives.

“Randomised controlled trials have provided excellent evidence that both hypnosis and relaxation techniques can reduce anxiety, and prevent panic disorders and insomnia. Randomised trials have also shown hypnosis to be of value in treating asthma and irritable bowel syndrome.” – British Medical Journal

At The Therapy Centre, techniques from solution focus, HNLP, mindfulness and hypnosis also body mind work are utilised to help you achieve your desired outcome, whatever that may be. We are not analytical and we don’t need to know your life secrets.

The focus is always on where you are now and where you want to get to, rather than negatively introspecting.

One of my favourite affirmations.

 ‘If it is meant to be it is down to me ‘

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