Anger Management Success Story

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Gary came to me in need of help, controlling his Anger, a very tall handsome chap with the world at his feet, however, there was a great sadness within him that materialized as anger, causing lots of disturbance in his life, I worked with him only once and here is his story that he kindly offered to share, hoping that it will encourage and help others who maybe going through similar life experiences.

Hi Sonya

Here is the testimony you wanted me to write

My name is Gary and I am 33 years old, I first heard about hypnotherapy through a friend that had done a few sessions and told me his life had completely changed, I hadn’t really heard much about hypnotherapy before apart from a couple of people telling me stories about how it can make you stop smoking… and to be honest I found it hard to believe, however at this point I had tried everything and nothing worked so I had nothing to lose.

I was very badly bullied as a child for many years and also my father was a very strict strong man and had a very bad temper and he also hit me as a child, I had an older step brother too and he also bullied me a lot when my parents were not at home, as years went on I grew bigger and stronger and started mixed martial arts then I joined the British army and served in Iraq by this point I was 6’4 and fearless and started fighting a lot by the age of 25 I had been in many court rooms with charges ranging from assault to attempted murder, I had become a very angry person and by this point I was a Thai boxing and MMA professional fighter, whenever I felt intimidated or felt like someone was bullying me or laughing at me or I felt cornered or attacked I flipped out and caused serious damage to people, one judge sent me to anger management for a whole year, another sent me to therapy and although these things did work a bit they didn’t fully work for me as I always went back to my old ways, but I couldn’t help it and certainly couldn’t control it, I would flip out batter someone and then after it think, what on earth have I done!?

It was horrible because I wasn’t in control, then I phoned Sonya and explained my situation over the phone and arranged to go and see her I was still not convinced about the whole hypnotherapy thing but like I said I had nothing to loose and I couldn’t go on like the way I was!

I went to see Sonya and explained everything, at the time me and my partner were at a make or break point in our relationship mainly because of my temper and the way I treated and spoke to her, something needed to change and that something was me!

In the session with Sonya I cried like I had never cried before, I remember my bottom lip trembling like a child’s would while the tears were running down my face, I don’t know what Sonya done or how to explain it but when I left that day I was very tired and a bit drained, but something had changed.

Through the next month to come Sonya e mailed me a recording that she wanted me to listen to every day it was about 32 minutes long, it’s a recording of her doing a session, so every day I’d put my head phones in and listen to it, at this point I was still asking my self…. well what happens now? Am I fixed? How will I know? Will I need more sessions? But after a few days all these questions got answered, it all sort of connected together in a way, I started feeling a lot calmer, i felt like a weight was slowly being lifted off my shoulders, I started being happier within myself, I wasn’t so aggressive or having angry thoughts, my temper seemed to slowly vanish as every day went by, I started to notice it and so don’t my friends and family as well as my girlfriend this motivated me to make more changes in my life, I cut out the wrong people in my life, I was always in a good mood so I was being nicer and better mannered to people, I surrounded myself with things and people that made me happy and I knew we’re good for me, me and my girlfriend have never been happier, my Mum is also very happy and proud of me as I was a constant worry to her with the temper I had, everything in my life is going well and I can honestly say I’m truly happy and it all started with a session with Sonya.

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