How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Anger Issues

Have you ever been told by loved ones, work colleague or friends that you should consider anger management?

Feeling angry at times is perfectly normal, but it is important that we all learn to deal with our anger in a constructive way.

Anger can create all sorts of different problems in your life;

  • Relationship problems
  • Unemployment
  • Prison
  • Social problems

When people experience or appear to show anger, they may also be feeling fear or perceive a threat, and they are responding with a ‘fight’ response.

Be aware of the physical changes you are experiencing when you are losing your temper.

Your heart will beat faster and you will breathe more quickly, this is preparing you for action. You may experience tension in your shoulders or clenching of your fists, shaking, sweating, fidgeting.

It is important you become aware of the signs, the triggers i.e. the situations or people that bring out this reaction in you.

Identifying the triggers will help you to understand better, but will not stop you from getting angry unless you take steps to acknowledge that you are reacting and discover different ways that you can take control back.

If you focus on the problem the problem gets bigger, let’s focus on the solution and let the solution expand your life in a more productive way.

We can work through the problems that you are experiencing. It is important that we both understand what makes you angry, and how we can make you calmer, reframing your thoughts and settling your mind.

It is no good just bottling up the anger and pretending not to react because this will just make you more stressed in the long term.

If you recognise that you have a problem with anger management the sooner, you choose to deal with it the better.

You can be assertive without aggression.

You can believe in yourself without belittling others.

You can make your tomorrow better than yesterday

Hypnotherapy is a therapy that breaks through your conscious resistance and reveals and resolves the issues which are fuelling your reaction.

Hypnotherapy can help you take control of your emotions so that they don’t take control of you. The emotions underlying the feelings of anger and hurt that are associated with anger management problems.

Hypnotherapy can help you move past those feelings to a place where you are comfortable dealing with anything that comes your way.

Instead of reacting, you will be able to respond.

Instead of exploding, you will be able to express yourself clearly and calmly. With hypnotherapy, you are able to train your mind to adopt a more beneficial way of expressing any frustration, tension, worry or concern you may be experiencing, hence diffusing the old behaviour and giving you many more resources and options to get the results you desire without becoming overwhelmed.

Your mind will process the information, that used to trigger the reaction, differently enabling you to be more rational and make better choices, choices which will enhance your lifestyle and anything that comes your way, from a place of balance.

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