How Hypnotherapy Can Help With OCD


When you are troubled by obsessive thoughts or your life is ruled by compulsive behaviors, what does this mean?

It’s as if your brain gets caught in a loop of worry about something. It doesn’t matter what. It could be anything. You have the thought, get worried by it, and then you devise a behaviour which you need to perform to protect you from the anxiety that is produced by that thought.

That’s how you get into it. How you get out of it is another matter.

Performing the behaviours is a self-taught mechanism for alleviating the anxiety induced by the thoughts. There may or may not be a rational aspect to the behaviour you choose. For example, counting to three won’t protect you from catching a germ that’s on a door handle, while hand washing might. But for some people, counting to three works to reduce their anxiety. However, people with OCD may wash their hands once, twice or more, in order to feel better. But this is not a solution because each door handle encountered requires the same level of protective behaviour.

The important thing to realise is that compulsive behaviours don’t protect against obsessive thoughts and in fact over time, the behaviours will often increase to alleviate the ever-growing anxiety that goes hand-in-hand with OCD. So, what should you do?

You need to seek a medical diagnosis. OCD is a mental health disorder that needs a specialist, individual approach.

Hypnosis does not claim to cure OCD but it can alleviate all the symptoms and give you peace of mind.

Hypnotherapy uses guided relaxation to lead you to a state of intense relaxation. With the help of the hypnotherapist, you will be able to start to focus on letting go of feeling anxious and begin to find an inner peace which will allow you to manage your feelings of anxiety rather than allowing them to take control of you.

Hypnotherapy can help you find a place of deep relaxation and stillness inside, restoring equilibrium.

After a session or two of Hypnotherapy, your mind will respond differently to things that would of, in the past, created your discomfort and because your mind responds differently so will your body.

Decreased stress and tension in your body and no anxiety in your mind is the aim.

You will become more focused in the moment and less focused on the past or future events, that you have no control over, being focused in the moment provides a more resourceful state of mind, that prevents your thoughts running away and stops you becoming distracted from the task at hand so therefore prevents any anxiety or stress building up.