As you know, hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis so that a hypnotherapist can administer changes, suggest ideas and suggestions that can help address the problems of a client. The human mind is more receptive to different suggestions and ideas that can help treat several physical, mental, or emotional issues a client is experiencing.

Hypnosis is akin to meditation where someone goes into a very relaxed state. There are four different types of state a human mind can be in. One is the Beta state where the conscious self is taking the lead. This is when logic and rationality takes over the human mind to make daily decisions relating to work, home, relationships, and other decisions one must make. This state would help you determine what is right and wrong. This is also where you experience stress, depression, anger, anxiety, fear, and others. Another state is called the Alpha state. This is where your subconscious is awake. This is when your heart rate slows down for a little bit allowing you to relax. Your stress level is lower in this state. This state is experienced as you gaze upon the ocean, or sit quietly in your room for a few minutes. The third state is the Theta state. Your brain waves are much slower in this state compared to the previous state. This is experienced as you daydream and it may put you into a light sleep. The last state is the Delta state, which is experienced during sleep. With this, you can conclude that hypnosis starts at the Alpha state and ends in the Theta state.
With a relaxed mind and body, you are more open to suggestions, changes, and ideas. Hypnotherapy can help your healing process. But how does it work?

1. In a relaxed, trance-like, hypnosis state, a hypnotherapist can gain insight and information needed to build a profile of your problem. This information and insight cannot be gained while you are in your Beta state. With the information obtained, the hypnotherapist can then devise a plan on how to address the problems you are bearing. In a hypnotic state, you can gain access to your higher self, which would allow you to put things into a different perspective. The type of guidance you achieve in a hypnotic state is invaluable that would last for a lifetime. In a hypnotic state, you are able to access our inner wisdom, which is helpful in making and accepting changes in your life.

2. Hypnosis can put all the barriers down and transform negative images into positive ones. In a hypnotic state, the hypnotherapist will be able to understand what your emotional baggage is. Issues and problems will then be presented, which are begging to be resolved and are ready to be addressed. This can only be gained while you are in your superconscious mind, which can only be accessed through hypnosis. Your superconscious mind will produce images, stories, and symbols that represent all the barriers you have in your life. Hypnotherapy can help release these barriers, and transform these them into positive images to help you heal and recover from any traumatic experience, phobia, or addictive behaviors.

3. The root cause can easily be identified in a hypnotic state where the mind is free from any worldly barrier and inhibitions. Once the root cause is identified, it is easier to address the problem at hand. Under hypnosis, your mind is more open to change, ideas and suggestion. Contrary to what is believed, you are not put to sleep while you are under hypnosis. Your mind is still very awake and will reject any suggestions, ideas, or changes that are contrary to your beliefs, principles, and goals. The mind would reject any suggestion that is not aligned with your goals. With proper reinforcement, you will be able to experience a thorough healing process that will surely rejuvenate your life leading a better and happier lifestyle.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of hypnotherapists around the globe. Should you decide to undergo hypnotherapy to cure your fear, anxiety, phobia, addictive habits, and other personal problems, it is always recommended that you conduct your own research. Only work with a hypnotherapist you trust and comfortable with.