Isn’t it funny how some days you get up with so much enthusiasm for the day, and you seem to achieve lots of things and yet other days you seem to wake up and you cant hold a thought in your head; never mind enthusiasm; well this morning was the beginning of one of those days for me. I awoke as if from the dead; I didn’t feel as if I had rested, felt as if I had been working all night, I recalled flashbacks of what seemed like a dream, although I can’t seem to make any sense of it, the day has continued in the same sort of way; I am wondering where my mojo has got to, did I leave it in my dreams I wonder???

I started to think about how busy we get in our everyday tasks and wondering what I, and probably a lot of you are missing in our ever-increasing pace.

Here are some things to consider, that I’ve been examining in my own life:

How we can miss big chunks of a conversation because we are too busy in our heads over thinking.

–    How easy it is to procrastinate over situations and tasks in our life, and in doing so, hold ourselves back in some way. Could it be we are scared of our own success, or scared of the humiliation of failure?

–    How easy it is to forget to tell the people closest to us, how much we love and appreciate them being apart of our life, because we are so busy in the dizzy of it all.

–    How easy it is to think we are not good enough in some way.

Dream your reality!–    How quick we are to beat ourselves up mentally over not being perfect. What is perfection anyway? How can we not be perfect when there is only one of us in the whole world, really, we are all perfectly unique.

–    How quick we can judge others and ourselves, when really we are just feeling vulnerable. Every judgment we make impacts on our mind body soul.

–    We are our very own judge and jury, first and foremost, So lets put the psychological hammer down and pick up a imaginary fluffy pink feather duster and when we feel the need to judge or be judged do it with our own special feather duster in our hands, and imagine shaking  it about in our rant like state, feathers going everywhere and make it as ridiculous as it actually is.

–     I believe at a cellular level we know right from wrong, each life time we collect many examples and store the information, deep in our blue print, we just need reminding now and again.

–    How very special we actually are and how us being here is a privilege not a right so I want to suggest that after reading this you make a promise to yourself. To be easier on yourself, to look in the mirror and take responsibility for your reflection and put a smile on your face and share your beautiful smile with as many people as you can , Love yourself from the inside out and let that projection propel you into a whole new way of being  in this your world.

Spread the Love, you are not alone xx

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