How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Insomnia

Today’s busy lifestyle is very much contributing or is the cause of the high increase of people suffering with insomnia

The benefits of hypnotherapy are huge and this is just one of the ways in which hypnotherapy can help you succeed.

It is believed that anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the most common contributors of chronic insomnia and if you are having difficulty sleeping it can also make anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms worse.

Other common emotional and psychological causes include anger, worry, grief, bipolar disorder, depression and trauma.

In order to learn how to fall asleep, you have to identify the cause of your sleeplessness.

Here are some contributors to sleep deprivation

There is a medical condition that has not been addressed.

You consume many stimulants (coffee, tea, soft drinks with caffeine during the day)

You are napping too much through the day.

You are participating in too much physical or mental activity prior to going to bed.

You are associating your bed with activity, sexual activity is an exception of course. If you take your laptop to bed and continue to work, answering telephone calls etc. Then your mind is not switching off.

Check the list above and address what needs to be addressed. then look at your sleeping environment, is your bed comfortable, how inviting is your sleeping space, decorate it with calming or neutral colours, how light or dark is your room. Is your room chaotic or cluttered, do you have space to breath, begin by clearing away the mess, clear and clean, fresh bedding, open the window, let some fresh air in, remove or put away your laptop and mobile, close the blinds.

Your surrounding environment should invite total rest and relaxation.

Now here is a useful practise for you to begin to incorporate into your evening chillax time-

Lying down in your bed focus your attention on your breathing, breath in for 7 and out for 11, do this at least 5 times then let your breathing return to normal, focus your attention on each part of you, tense and then release your toes, feet, calves, knees, upper legs etc till you have included every part of you, even your face.

This is a good practise that will help you to relax and release tension.

Hypnotherapy works wonders, if your house is cluttered, your mind probably will be to, Hypnotherapy both relaxes you and declutters your thoughts as like the tension in your body that you did not know you had till you began the routine.

We are so busy in the dizzy of our lives, we focus externally.

Hypnotherapy gets you to focus internally and re-address the imbalance that has occurred.

Our body is constantly sending us signals that we are too busy to acknowledge, the more we ignore them and just get on with getting on, the signals will get stronger, till we do something about them, the subconscious mind seeks equilibrium and has no logic, so will even initiate an illness to slow you down if needed.

Life, work balance is required.

If you take notice of your body when it is whispering. You will not have to hear it scream.

Come and receive some hypnotherapy sessions to relax you even more deeply, connect with that part of your mind that knows how to rest, relax and sleep and through hypnotherapy instruct it to do so on your behalf.