I am so fed up of having the same conversation with friends, colleagues and clients, whom seem to believe that they are so imperfect,

perfectly unique Statements like:

I am too fat; skinny, tall, small,.

I am ugly.

I am stupid.

I am shy.

Blah, blah, blah.

Stop it, for god sake Stop it.

You were created to be You, not some clone of a so called perfect image that society dictates

Although I know we cannot, not be influenced by the constant deluge of images forced upon us through the power of the

media .

We can choose not to buy into it , such as buying the magazines and watching the programs which support such a superficial way of being

When I observe some of these celebrity’s who have had so much cosmetic alterations to themselves in the pursuit of perfection, to the point where they look like manikins, nothing moves anymore, they don’t look real;

What is going on ?

This is not normal Please do not make it so .

I am saddened, no sickened at the plastic society that is being created.

Variety is the spice of life , so shine in your own unique way , as your difference could make the difference that this artificial , superficial world of glamour needs , keep it real .

Say this out loud , in front of a mirror ,(Please repeat 3 times )

‘I am free to be me ,and that’s ok

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