Hypnotherapy is a widely know and widely used practice to help cure some physical, emotional, and mental issues. It is also used to compliment several medical care practiced today.

Hypnotherapy is a proven practice that delivers positive results. However, it is to be considered that a hypnotherapy session may not work on some as it is effective for others. Results vary from patient to patient, and it is no surprise to hear other people saying that hypnotherapy didn’t work for them.

It is very important to remember that there are a lot of hypnotherapists around the world and these hypnotherapists use different techniques. One technique may work for you, but the same technique may not work for someone else. It is very difficult to pinpoint, which method is the best as every hypnotherapist would claim that his or her method is the best among others. One would always blow his or her own trumpet to land as much clients as possible. However, some of the hypnotherapists would mix one or two methods limiting the effects of the session for only a short time. If you are a patient and a client, you would want to have the highest value for your money and enjoy long-lasting hypnotherapy results. And if you are a hypnotherapist that wants to be successful in the field, you should be ready to give your clients long-term results. Long-term results can be achieved through advanced hypnotherapy method.

Today, the most popular methods used in the hypnotherapy industry are as follows:lifetime benefits

•The Suggestion Hypnosis. This is the most common type of hypnotherapy method used in the industry. During hypnosis, a hypnotherapist will give you a new idea or suggestion about a new behavior or attitude to address the issue(s) you want to address. The result of this method can be experienced immediately after the sessions. However, the downside is that suggestion hypnosis does not really address the root cause of the problem, so the same issue can be expected to resurface later on.

Suggestion therapy has a high success rate in stop smoking therapies. With a good and experience hypnotherapy, the success rate of suggestion therapy can double up from 30% to 60% success rate. If you are looking into changing your smoking habit, you are likely to succeed under experienced hands.

•The Hypno-analysis. This method is also known as “free association” technique, which is also popular in the industry today. This type of method taps into the inner mind asking the subconscious about the problem the client wishes to address. The downside of this method is that there is a possibility that the client may end up with more problems as he originally has the first time he stepped into the therapist’s office. Accessing the subconscious could bring forward other problems the client did not know about. In this sense, the client may end up an unhealthy dependence with the therapist in the end.

Advanced Hypnotherapy

The methods above are helpful but can give the clients more problems than they intend to have in their lifetime. To address the issue, a hypnotherapist can use advanced hypnotherapy method to help clients achieve lifelong results. An advanced hypnotherapist has the skill to gain direct access to a patient’s subconscious mind and address the root cause as soon as it is determined. The attitude and behavior of the patient can be reprogrammed as soon as the issue is eliminated and addressed.

An advanced hypnotherapy can only last 3-7 sessions compared to the 20 sessions of suggestion and hypno-analysis. Advanced hypnotherapy using regression uses specific procedures and protocols that will work on the client’s unique brain programming. It helps keep the problem in place, and helps bring forward the information needed to deal with the problem at hand. Once the root cause is addressed, suggestion can then be used to suggest a new attitude and behavior to prevent the same problem from occurring.

Age regression or advanced hypnotherapy can surely help address a client’s or a patient’s problem with lifetime benefits. This does not only help the client, but also help the hypnotherapist in return. More satisfied clients mean more marketers. One can then expect an influx of new clients. You, as a patient will benefit from a lifelong hypnotherapy result, and the hypnotherapist can benefit from you becoming his or her marketer.