Be free from fear of flying


Aviophobia is a fear of flying that a high percentage of people suffer from when looking at phobias we view this as something that is more extreme than a dislike and creates an involuntary response throughout your body. This response can be akin to anxiety and can be mild or extreme, depending on the severity of your phobia.ocd

Why am I scared?

Phobias are, by definition, overwhelming, and are a type of anxiety disorder, one that is triggered by a certain situation or object. Many of us maybe scared of objects or situations, in a perfectly rational way – having a fear of something specific following a situation such as a car accident or mugging, this could be a sign of PTSD (why not head over to my blog on how I can offer help with this?)

When discussing phobias, there are specific criteria; the fear must be out of proportion to the danger involved in the situation with a significant impact on your life and must last for a prolonged period of time. Usually, a phobia is something you are scared of without a past negative experience of it; another common phobia is arachnophobia – fear of spiders, however, just because you have not had a negative experience of a situation does not mean I cannot help.panic


When to seek help

Seeking help and when to do this is a very personal decision, in my experience, doing this sooner rather than later is the best option. The longer you live with a fear, the harder it can be to let go of it, once it has been ingrained into your life and become part of your routine, it can be more difficult to remove. If you have spent every holiday preparation time in a certain manner for a number of years or avoided holidays for the period of your fear being extreme you have more hurdles to overcome and more routines to re-write.


First Steps

The first steps in reclaiming your life from fear are admitting there is problem and seeking help for it; once you have done so, a simple consultation is the way for you to begin to heal. Using my contact details below, we can have an initial conversation via telephone to discuss what the fear is, how long you have been living with it, and how it impacts upon your life. Following this initial call, I will have the main information I am going to need to help you move forward without living in fear.Transform your life

Help is at hand

Following the consultation, we will begin the healing process, through relaxation, behavioural change techniques will be used and often hypnotherapy. I have had great success helping people to overcome their fears. In a comfortable safe environment where they have been able to relax and let it go, implant positive thoughts and build new routines for the next time you encounter flying. By removing the initial fear reaction and anxiety, you can begin to move forward from your fear of flying.

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