Public Speaking

Stage fright


There are not many people who like to speak in public, but many of us have to, whether for work, school or college you will find public speaking an inevitable part of your life at some point. Now, while some of us will find public speaking an easy task, some will find they do not like it but can do it easily enough, there will also be those of you who find public speaking such an ordeal that you are unable to do it at all and it will become a phobia that needs dealt with.

What is a phobia?

Phobias are, by definition, overwhelming, and are a type of anxiety disorder, one that is triggered by a certain situation or object involved in the situation, with a significant impact on your life and must last for a prolonged period of time. Usually, a phobia is something you are scared of without a past negative experience of it; another common phobia is arachnophobia – fear of spiders, however, just because you have not had a negative experience of a situation does not mean I cannot help.

However, in the case of public speaking, it is far more common for the fear of speaking in public to cause the phobia without you having previously spoken in public. For some people merely pushing through the fear and beginning their speech will be enough to remove the fear from their life, rendering their fear just that – a fear rather than a phobia.


Overcoming your phobia

The first step in overcoming any phobia is always the same; admitting it and how much the fear is impacting upon your life. Once you have recognised the impact it is important that you then evaluate the situation in relation to your circumstances; if you do not need to participate in any public speaking activities, it is unnecessary to seek help for this phobia. However, if public speaking is a regular occurrence for you, seeking advice, help and support at the earliest opportunity is advisable. By seeking help early, you stop the phobia from taking further root in your psyche and halt the progression of the phobia.

This aspect is where I can help you.

Say goodbye to phobias

Through my extensive work with hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I am best placed to help you overcome your phobia of public speaking. First, we would have an initial telephone conversation to discuss your individual situation, then I would work out the best way to help you to move past your phobia and help you to move forward with your life. Once we have decided the best way to help you, we will meet in person at my tranquil studio where through a combination of techniques I will help you to relax. When you are in a hypnotic state I will be able to help you to retrain the neural pathways that have led to your phobia; by using gentle suggestions, I will enable you to think about public speaking in an entirely new way, one which will allow you to remain calm throughout the event you are participating in and all future public speaking events.

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