Chronic Pain



Chronic pain also referred to as persistent pain, is a term used to describe multiple types of pain which are long-term and can be relentless. In the past, the treatment of chronic pain was complete rest, but latest medical advice suggests continued movement and exercise can help to loosen sore muscles and release endorphins which can help you to combat pain responses. I highly recommend that you exercise when suffering from chronic pain, as this will help you both physically and psychologically, but be careful not to overdo it and always listen to medical professionals’ advice.


Reducing pain

While painkillers are the recommended way to manage pain, in addition to exercising, there are other recommendations to aid your recovery and management of pain. Medical professionals recommend you continue with your routine; continue going to school or work, or whatever your usual routine is, the reasoning behind this is that being busy can help keep your mind occupied and distracted from the pain you are feeling. The aspect you must consider when continuing your usual routine is to ensure that you do not begin to feel stressed by anything in your day to day life as this can exacerbate pain responses.



This is where I can help you, by using specific behavioural change techniques that alleviate stress and reduce the symptoms, Hypnotherapy is such a wonderful way to assist you.

While all of the medical advice is beneficial and should be followed and listened to, I have an alternative way to combat and reduce chronic pain. I take a more holistic approach to pain management, working with you to change the way your mind views pain and helping you with day to day pain management from within your body.

My Process

To help you with pain management, I will first have a brief telephone consultation with you. During this conversation we will discuss the type of pain that you are experiencing, how and when this first began and any other circumstances relating to the pain – if this was as a result of an injury and the events that surrounded it.

Once this consultation has taken place, and I have gotten to know your circumstances a little better, I will utilise my many years of experience working in this field and the skills I have mastered to assist your mind and body to relax enough, I will be able to work better with your psyche to help get to the root of the pain.

Although the pain you are experiencing is physical, there is a psychological element to pain, which is where I can help. When in a relaxed state I will be able to make suggestions to you regarding the pain you are feeling and help your mind to create alternative pathways with gentle guidance, create more comfortable feelings around your discomfort, which will help your day to day management of it, in a less conscious way.

Pain is your bodies alarm bell, letting you know there is something wrong, if you have had it checked out and there is no medical reason for your pain to be ongoing, then the source of your discomfort maybe deep rooted in suppressed emotions, hypnotherapy can uncover and help you to resolve any issues lurking in the reassesses of your mind. Bringing a sense of peace and calm, releasing pressure from within, adjusting your mindset in a way that is more comfortable inside and out.

I highly recommend you have a read of -You can Heal your life by Louise Hay.

It may help you to understand the healing process and where it all begins.

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