Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than what we would consider to be a short time frame. More than 12 weeks to be exact is required in order to confirm such a pain as chronic rather than acute. Chronic pain can build over time. Something that could have been considered a nagging injury before, could have now evolved into something far greater. Chronic pain can last for years. Not only is chronic pain a chore on the body, but the mind too. There have been many accounts of those suffering with chronic pain who adopt depression, a lack of worth and an overall sense of hopelessness in how they live their everyday lives. The origins of chronic pain flows on a case to case basis. Each individual will be suffering in their own distinct way, which is why there is no set answer in how one can find a ‘cure’ for what is ailing them.

Because of chronic pain being so diverse, this has led to various different medical and psychological treatments in order to counteract this pain. Medicine is always an option, but then again, these issues are prone to appear more than once, which in turn can lead to a dependence on certain prescription medication. You might ask: “so what alternatives do I have?” Well, what about hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested method to resolve chronic pain within one’s own mind, medication free. Hypnotherapy allows one to micromanage their own pain levels within their own mind using specific treatments that are catered to you and your needs. It is important to state at this juncture that you should consider seeing your GP before considering hypnotherapy just to be sure it isn’t anything serious. If you get the all clear and are still feeling pain, then odds are the pain you are feeling is simply in the mind itself.

Hypnotherapy allows one to penetrate their own consciousness in order to manipulate and control their own bodies. The methods taught in these sessions are instilled into your very thought patterns, thus allowing one to easily channel these feelings of pain into voids of nothingness. Your session will involve a deep-dive into your subconscious. prior to this you might be asked to describe your pain, or to create an analogy of said pain. From there you will be taught various methods in order to quell the pain within your mind. You see, pain is simply in the mind, we only feel pain in order to warn ourselves of doing that action a second or third time. Seeing as chronic pain is involuntary, this chain can be difficult to break by one’s self. This is where hypnotherapy comes in: teaching your mind to block out any feelings of pain in a safe and healthy manner. The techniques taught here can be applied in various other scenarios in life such as stress and depression which also happen to be byproducts of chronic pain