Having issues of sexual performance in one’s life is something that is completely normal. The pressure of having to live up to a certain standard is enough to create worry and anxiety when it comes to getting intimate with a partner.

Losing one’s sex drive can be incredibly frustrating to those who would otherwise have a very happy sex life. The admittance of having these kinds of issues is very difficult to state outright in a lot of cases. A lot of those struggling with these types of sexual difficulties will often believe that it will disappear in time, this is not the case, as many of these ailments require outside intervention in order to be eradicated fully.


Anyone who is struggling with these types of matters should be aware that it is treated with the utmost care. Confidentiality is crucial in cases like this as it is a very sensitive matter to those involved. Frigidity can be defined as having a low sex drive. Feelings of anxiety and lack of interest are what causes these issues. In women, frigidity relies on the libido of the woman and how they could come off as emotionally cold/ non-responsive to advances made by a partner. In male’s, frigidity often leads to an addiction and reliance on pornography in order to feel fulfilled.

The feelings of sexual desire can be relayed back to a person’s psychological state of mind. This is something that is embedded within one’s own subconscious, this is something that is linked to deeper issues that can be hard to address without the right course of treatment. There are a lot of people out there that will persevere in whatever issue they are currently struggling with, despite the limited willingness to participate. In a lot of cases, there won’t even be a stage where the people involved in the act will reach the point of orgasm. If anything, it will encourage some to fake an orgasm in order to make their partner feel like there is a sense of normality in the act.

For some women, they might find a lack of arousal, with sex causing some level of pain and discomfort. Sexual intercourse is meant to be an emotionally connecting experience, bringing people together, whereas issues like frigidity will more than likely take you further apart. The emotional strain that can be caused by frigidity can be responsible for splitting up relationships, that could otherwise be saved through treatments using hypnosis.

Once you have visited a GP and have confirmed that it is not a physical ailment, then you should consider the possibility of hypnotherapy in order to seek help. If it is not your body that is causing frigidity, then it is something in the mind. Hypnotherapy allows one to bridge the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy allows you to control and manage any problems that are causing you to be stuck in this sexual rut. The goal of hypnotherapy is to resolve the issues that are plaguing your sex drive by discovering the root of the problem, reframing it and collating better resources from all of your life experiences, that your mind has stored, times when you have been performing well and enjoying it.