There is much debate as to what a past life regression is:

5855_118782264463_799664463_2137381_1466419_nScience could argue that each cell has a memory and this can be passed on through generations, and when in hypnosis, you are able to activate this remembrance. Perhaps your family have told stories when you were young about times gone by and your memory is activated whilst in hypnosis. A similar point could be made reference television, radio, books and media being the stimulus for your thoughts. Some argue that there is universal consciousness and, since energy cannot be destroyed, when someone dies their spirit joins this consciousness. Whilst in hypnosis, the competent hypnotherapist is able to help you to tune into this higher consciousness.

Then there is the belief that your soul never dies and that you are reborn into this lifetime to learn and overcome the lessons of your past and evolve. It could be that you have irrational fears or anxieties and past life regression can allow you to release them, so that you can be free.

Past life regression does not require any specific spiritual or religious belief. The only thing that you need is an open, inquisitive mind and a thirst to know more about you. Past life Regression is a gateway to a wealth of knowledge, if utilised correctly will enable you to progress through this life more effectively, using the memories of the past to reinforce your learning in the present and help to support you and propel you into a more comfortable way of being in the world.

We have had an abundance of experiences from which we have lots of lessons filed away in our memory banks just waiting to be utilized in a way that will help us to develop a greater sense of what we are capable of and also help us to achieve a lot more in the here and now.  It is said; there is a life force within us all, which connects us. If we are all connected to this universal energy, this all knowing Source, just imagine what endless possibilities it could create in our life time and future lives being able, through hypnosis to tap into this vacuum of knowledge and utilise the information to help ourselves and others to live a much more fulfilling life.  Learning from memories of our past lives and future to create a better way of living in the Now.

  • Can you associate with any of the questions below?
  • Do you frequently, dream of another time or place?
  • Have you ever met someone, you felt you have always known and yet it is your first meeting?
  • Do you feel comfortable with some people and not others?
  • Have you ever arrived somewhere new and feel certain that you have been there before, and feel you know your way around?
  • Have you now or have you always had an interest or fascination in a particular place, era, culture, or time that you cannot explain?
  • Do you have a desire to visit certain countries, and not know why?
  • Do you feel completely at home when arriving in a different country, where you have never been?

If so, then it is possible, you have already begun to draw on your soul’s memories of previous incarnations. These interests can serve as reminders that we have been here many times before.

Past life regression therapy is a holistic psychotherapeutic tool, which fits into the transpersonal psychology category of therapy, dealing with the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a person’s makeup. Many people choose past life regression purely out of curiosity to give them an understanding of certain things in their life. Others come to see if it holds answers to specific health or emotional issues.

What are the Benefits of Past life Regression Therapy?

By recalling these events and gently exploring situations it can help to give you increased awareness and self-knowledge. It can control or eliminate feelings of anxiety pain or guilt. It can rid you of any negative aspects from the past and you can discover a greater understanding of your purpose in life.

A typical session.

Your session will normally last an hour and half, by using gentle relaxation and visualisation techniques you will be guided into a state of trance, where upon, you will be asked some questions about what you are experiencing and gently encouraged to journey back in time to a significant event in your past which you can explore and discover aspects of your life journey that may help to reveal the answers you have been searching for.

How much will it cost?

Fee per session is £85.


I’ve had three past-life regressions and one future progression with Sonya Hudson and EVERY time was an amazing experience. Sonya has a style and tonality that put me into the deepest and most relaxing of trances. My past-lives have taken me from the 2nd World War to the Royal Navy in the early 19th Century and also a grand country house when horse and cart were the normal mode of transport! The sessions were very professional whilst remaining relaxing and a part of me was always conscious that Sonya was there to guide and look after me.

My future progression was the most profound experience of all. I have had many experiences of trance and hypnosis and have never been as deeply relaxed or so far out of my body that I not only saw my part in this life but also had a glimpse of the universe and the part my energy plays in everything and everyone. I had an amazing spiritual experience with every trance with Sonya and thoroughly recommend that you invest some time in you and work with this lady!
– Michael Shane

I have always been interested in past life regression, but had never plucked up the courage before to do anything about it, and then;

I was introduced to Sonya by a mutual friend. My first impressions were of a lovely, warm and down to earth lady, whom I trusted immediately, and I knew that I had found the right person to perform the regression. For anyone who feels apprehensive about being regressed I would say, don’t be, I found it to be a very, very relaxing experience, of which at all times I was in control. After the session I found that colours seemed much brighter and more focused, I also had some amazing dreams! I am still researching some of the information that came out of the regression and I aim to have another session with Sonya in the very near future
Elaine Parker Reflexologist, Tynemouth

What an enjoyable and fascinating experience the past life regression was, It was an amazing experience, I can highly recommend.
Margaret Button, Community nurse