Post Traumatic Stress



When someone experiences a traumatic episode in their life, the mind makes a recording and can sometimes replay this over and over again. It has been described by many clients like watching a movie on repeat, in your head.They can feel tormented and at times helpless and angry at themselves and the world.


Conscious resistance is what I would expect, from my clients, when I prepare them for the therapeutic intervention, who would blame them, none of us wants to re-live any type of trauma.


However, when you  find yourselves still affected by the trauma, sometimes years after the event, it is a massive indication that there is a problem, there is a window open in your mind that is replaying that episode of your life and preventing you from moving on, some seek relief taking drugs, some drinking alcohol, extreme exercise, which will provide brief relief, many still experience many symptoms, such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, stress, aches and pains, anger, eating disorders, anti- social behaviour and much more

The challenge you have is, continue experiencing it or let it go. It has become part of your identity, but it is not who you are, you are a prisoner of your past and have forgotten the you, you were before the incident.


The beauty of the therapy I offer is, I do not need to know the intimate details of it. You are safe, how much you want to share or how little is down to you, the process I will guide you through is very thorough.

You would be amazed at how many clients, I have worked with, who have carried trauma all of their lives, as they do not know who they are without it. There is no rational explanation, but I promise you when you commit to being free from it the relief you will feel will be transformational.


So set your intention, to be free of the pain associated with your trauma, to accept the lesson, but let go of the pain associated with it.

Have faith you are not broken; I am not working with you to fix you.


Your experiences do not define you, as your persona was created to evolve as slowly or quickly as you are able to cope with, and that is ok. Focus on the outcome you desire, not the one you dread.

Find yourself in the silence of your mind


Set your intention for that inner strength to help you now conquer the fear and rise and shine, which is your right.


Looking forward to guiding you, not leading you or dragging you kicking and screaming, that’s not how I work.


Please remember

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”! —Audrey Hepburn