I thought it would be appropriate given the date of the month 14th of Feb which is associated with Love and Romance, to share my thoughts and experience, having worked with many couples wanting to rekindle the love flame and individuals wanting to attract love into their lives.

I start with some self-reflection. The who am I questions, we need to ask ourselves, which reveals how we identify with the roles in our lives (wife, husband, mother, friend, daughter, son etc..) what we prioritise in our lives which helps to uncover what part of us and our lives we are neglecting.

The statements we make about ourselves define who we are now and how we perceive ourselves as we get older.

Identity crisis is causing so much anxiety and stress for individuals and is on the increase.

I work with clients to get a deeper sense of their own individual criteria of needs for love.

How to identify if they are being met and if not the how they could be.

Love must begin with a love for self.

It is said, you attract to you the same vibes that you send out.

Could you imagine how magical your life could be if you could see yourself through the eyes of Love.

What would you attract into your world?

Authentic love should feel great.

health matters

Love activates an inner excitement a feeling of well-being, yet also calm, peaceful, a sense of safety whether in the arms of the person you love or standing alone, feeling balanced and orientated, it is felt deeply and seems to be beyond words.

An authentic experience of love should never require you to change or look a certain way, drive a specific type of car, or have a certain employment status.

True love accepts us as we are, no changes required.

When people truly love us, their love for us helps to awaken or reinforce our love for ourselves, it should not make us feel needy, lacking, or anxious.

Improve your sense of self, (self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, self confidence) and attract more love into your life.