Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Newcastle

This is a subject I get very animated about, having been a therapist for many, many years, I have to say, one of my favourite therapeutical sessions.

 Can you associate with any of the questions below?

  • Do you have frequenting dreams of another time or place?
  • Have you ever met someone, that you have felt you have always known, communicating with them is easy, comfortable, or maybe the opposite was true, just looking at them makes you feel unnaturally uncomfortable? Yet it is your first meeting
  • Have you ever arrived somewhere new and feel certain that you have been there before?
  • Have you now or have you always had an interest or fascination in a particular place, era, culture, or time that you cannot explain?
  • Have you ever felt completely at home when arriving in a different place or country, which may have a very different culture to the one you were raised in and yet it just feels right?

These are just a few of the reasons, clients have come to me over the years and have wanted to experience a Past Life Regression. These interests may serve as reminders that we have been here many times before.

Past life regression therapy is a holistic psychotherapeutic tool, which fits into the transpersonal psychology category of therapy, dealing with the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual aspects of a person’s makeup. 

Many people choose past life regression purely out of curiosity, for fun. Some to give them an understanding of certain situations in their present life. Others come to see if it holds answers to specific health or emotional issues.

What are the Benefits of Past life Regression Therapy?

A journey of discovery

By recalling these events and gently exploring situations it can help to give you increased awareness and self-knowledge. It can control or eliminate feelings of anxiety pain or guilt… It can help to rid you of negativity, you may even discover a greater understanding of your purpose in life.


Whatever your reason is, it is a worthwhile experience and can open your mind to so many possibilities. What are you waiting for? contact me now to book a session and discover for yourself, your own fascinating journey.