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Stress is a very misused word, with people using the term ‘stress’ as a substitute for a variety of different feelings; the most common of these being pressure. Pressure is a short-term increase in a particular situation, such as workload or schoolwork, meaning we have to do or achieve more than we would normally. If this becomes longer than a short-term situation, it can lead to feelings of stress.


What is Stress?

Stress is defined as the reaction that a person suffers to emotional or physical pressure and can be linked with a feeling of not being in control of a situation which causes a release of stress hormones into your system. However, there are occasions when this reaction occurs without there being an obvious cause. Although stress hormones cause a lot of people negative feelings some people thrive on the feelings of stress to help them to feel motivated, so it is important for you to evaluate how you are feeling with the stress reactions and seek help and guidance if you begin to have negative reactions to a stressful situation.


Stress can cause physical symptoms, such as; headaches, muscle pain and chest pain, in addition to mental symptoms; concentration issues, negative feelings, issues with anxiety, and also changes in behaviour.


Side Effects

Side effects of stress can affect relationships mainly from the changes in behaviour, stress can make you more irritable and snappy, which can impact on personal and professional relationships. It can also cause you to begin relying more on things you would not normally, such as food or alcohol. Changes in appetite can also cause you to eat less in times of stress which can lead to further physical symptoms.

What is the impact of stress?

Stress can impact upon you in different ways, physical symptoms can cause intense discomfort, and intense or prolonged stress can cause longer-term health problems instead. In addition to physical health problems, you could suffer personal or relationship implications which then removes some of the support you have for during these more stressful times.

Let me help you

In order to help you, we can discuss ways in which you can reduce the impacts of stress on your life, teaching you relaxation techniques which will enable you to calm yourself and reduce the impact that stress has on your day to day life. I can also help you to look at the situation that is causing you stress in different ways, looking to help you eliminate or reduce the aspects of that situation and reduce stress at the source.

I welcome your enquiries into how I can best help you and will also look at your situation as an individual and what will work best for you specifically to reduce the impact of stress on your day-to-day life. I take pride in my individual approach tailored to you and have experienced great success in removing the effects of stress from clients’ lives. While I cannot change the stressful situations, you are experiencing, I can help you to better the way this impacts you.


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