It is a well-known fact that quitting smoking is notoriously difficult, between the nicotine withdrawal, cravings and constant temptation when out in public, abstaining from cigarettes is not an easy thing to do. Which is why a high percentage of people will begin smoking again following their attempt at quitting, and why hypnotherapy is an excellent way to remove this dangerous habit from your life once and for all.


You’ve decided to quit

Once you have made the tough decision to quit smoking, focus is going to be your greatest asset. You can find that focus in a number of things, some people focus on;

  • Saving the money usually spent on cigarettes for something special
  • The health benefits of quitting smoking
  • Improved senses of smell and taste

Whatever your focus is, keeping this in mind during the worst period of quitting can help you to keep on track.

Why hypnotherapy?

I cannot make you stop smoking, however, once you are ready to quit hypnotherapy can help you to change your mindset and thought processes relating to smoking. Working via an altered state of consciousness where you are fully aware of the conversation we are having and the room that you are in, we can further embed the focus into your daily life. Through suggestions regarding being a non smoker, I can help you to make a better start at quitting and achieving your desired result.

Hypnotherapy can be successful for anyone if you are open to this; it does not have to be your first attempt at trying to quit, it can be following several attempts. The most important thing about utilising the benefits of hypnotherapy is to fully immerse yourself into the process and trust the practitioner you are working with.

I have many years of experience in this field, successfully helping clients through hypnotherapy for a number of reasons. I have a private practice where you will be able to relax and focus on yourself and the hypnotherapy process without interruptions. Allowing you this time to work on yourself will leave you with feelings of peace and tranquillity and in a great mindset about becoming a non- smoker. I can help.


When I can help

You should be aware that hypnotherapy is not a fix-all for smokers; I cannot make you want to quit smoking, However I can if you are serious about becoming a non-smoker and have already decided to do so, change the pattern of behaviour that is sabotaging your health, by stimulating your mind to prefer being a non-smoker.

During an initial telephone conversation, I will discuss with you how the hypnotherapy process will work and establish if you are in the correct mindset to begin this journey.

Once we have completed this. I will book you in for your session. Hypnotherapy is more worthwhile and has a higher rate of lifelong success with the majority of people.

Start the New Year with a change that will serve you well and save you a fortune.


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