We all feel angry at times, mostly toward a specific person or situation, and that is perfectly normal, it does not mean that we have anger issues. Anger is a healthy response to a specific stimulus and does not signify any need for treatment, advice or support with this if it lasts a short period. However, if you begin to feel angry without reasonable stimuli or if once angry, you struggle to reduce your anger levels within a reasonable amount of time, then this could signify an anger issue.


Symptoms of Anger

Feelings of anger can flare up at any time, there can be a number of symptoms of anger, physical, emotional and psychological, and they may be obvious to others or not. All of this will depend on the person suffering from problems with anger, some may become aggressive toward those they love, or perfect strangers, while others may internalise that anger and only show it to themselves. Not every person suffering from anger problems will act the same, and so the symptoms can be challenging to recognise. Anger problems can cause changes in behaviour that you may recognise in yourself or that others may recognise in you, it is important if discussing your feelings of anger with someone that you try to remain as calm as possible. I recommend that if you recognise that you are beginning to feel the symptoms, you have come to associate with your anger response, that you move away from the situation or conversation that you are in and return to it at a later time when you are feeling calmer.

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Dealing with Anger Problems

It is really important when dealing with anger management to make small changes and take little steps toward your recovery, this will help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed, which can, in turn, trigger your anger response. The best thing you can do when working through anger management is to concentrate on the changes you can make and try to acknowledge and let go of the things you cannot change. This is the part that some people find difficult, and it is this, that I can help you to work through and come to terms with, in a positive way.

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We will start with an initial telephone conversation where we will discuss the feelings of anger you are experiencing, we will explore how long you have been feeling this way, any particular situations that trigger an anger response and what it is that you hope to achieve from our working together. Once this conversation has taken place, you will meet with me face to face in my relaxation space where we will begin the practicalities of working toward anger management.

During this time, I will teach and guide you in how to control your anger response rather than suppress it, we will work to encourage positive coping techniques for anger stimulus, and with these new coping techniques in place, you will be better prepared for the next time a situation  arises that used to trigger the anger response in you. Instead you will find yourself not reacting in the same aggressive way, and what once triggered that reaction, no longer sends you into that spiral of fury that is so detrimental to your well- being.

Usually it is the people around you notice the change first and will bring it to your attention, how much calmer you seem, as once you have unplugged from that pattern of behaviour, it’s gone, your mind has adopted a new way of responding, a more balanced healthy way.

Hypnotherapy and NLP combined is a very effective, efficient way to get the results  the outcome you desire..

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