Allergies are evidence of the over sensitivity of an individual’s immune system to something in their environment. It might be something they breathe, touch, or ingest.

Anyway, the allergen can invade a person’s body space can trigger an allergic reaction.

Medical advice should always be sought in the first instance for help in identifying the trigger and prescribing helpful medication to treat the symptoms.

Severe allergic reactions must be dealt with medically and as quickly as possible. For example, a bee sting or eating a nut can cause a fatal allergic reaction, and only by immediate medical intervention and the use of an EpiPen will there be a positive outcome in such cases.

Where hypnotherapy can really help is in alleviating the symptoms of a milder allergic response.

How many people do you know who suffer from sneezing and bleary-eyes (rhinitis) in the spring and summer from hay fever?

Often people are advised to avoid whatever triggers an allergic reaction but this isn’t always practical. If an allergy is a contact allergy (soap powder for washing clothes) this is extremely helpful advice, but if an allergy is caused by breathing in pollen (as in hay fever) then it isn’t a practical solution. People who have hay fever still have to go to work, and still need to get fresh air and sunshine (for the vitamin D) which is beneficial for their health.

Anti-histamines are often prescribed to help alleviate mild allergic symptoms. But in addition to this, hypnotherapy can help.

Your body is under increased stress during an allergic response and hypnotherapy helps you to relax deeply and so delivers the healing benefits of true relaxation to the parts of your body that need it.

Hypnotherapy will help you to relax deeply and let your body recover rather than allowing the distress of your allergic reaction to take control of you, to lessen the intensity of the discomfort you are in, any feelings of being dragged down or worn out by your symptoms.

Hypnotherapy can help you deal with these feelings in a way you are comfortable with.

Hypnotherapy will train your mind to adopt a beneficial way of dealing with the mild allergic symptoms that you are currently experiencing in your daily life with allergens.

Your mind will respond differently to the sensations which currently make you uncomfortable. As your mind responds differently so will your body.

Decreased stress and distress caused by your allergic responses is the aim.

You’ll learn to be focused in the moment on good health allergy free. Click here for more information about hypnotherapy.